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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

East Village represented on this list of the city's worst landlords

[EVG file photo of 149 First Ave.]

The Village Voice released its list of the worst NYC landlords yesterday.

Coming in at No. 10: 149 Associates LLC. As we first reported in August, the landlord sent notices telling residents that they were losing their lease because the owners probably needed to tear down the building.

The only violation on file with the Department of Buildings was a failure to file an annual boiler inspection report from 2012. Probably not worth tearing the building down for... Meanwhile, the residents of the building between East Ninth Street and East 10th Street banded together and worked with various housing advocates to fight the evictions.

And there is a landlord who needs no introduction at No. 8: Steve Croman.

Per the Voice:

Over the years, tenants claim, he's initiated pointless lawsuits, ignored requests for repairs, and flat-out refused to renew leases, all in an effort to drive them out of their rent-stabilized units. If Croman had a mustache, he would have twirled it throughout – but what he lacks in diabolical facial hair, he makes up for in henchmen.

However, neither of these East Village property owners made the Public Advocate's list of the worst landlords in New York City.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Pangea has a new lease on Second Avenue

As we reported back in the spring, Pangea and the restaurant's landlord on Second Avenue were in a dispute. As a result, Pangea had to close for several days.

Then the landlord apparently lined up Karczma, one of Greenpoint's favorite Polish restaurants, to be the new tenant, even submitting their name for the June CB3/SLA docket.

During all this, the RFK real-estate listing noted that Pangea was a "former tenant."

I asked Pangea owner Stephen Shanaghan where he stood with the landlord.

"We did sign a new agreement with the landlord in court last Thursday," he said. "One of the conditions was that he instruct RKF to remove this listing which has been up since February."

He said the lease is through December 2015. "Unfortunately, it's only until [then], but I'll take it."