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Monday, May 7, 2018

An injured opossum on Avenue B

Photos and report by Mark Cyr...

Last night, the NYPD found an opossum lying on Avenue B, near Seventh Street along Tompkins Square Park, where a car had been parked. The opossum was alive and looking around at onlookers, but making no effort to move. In the words of the NYPD officer holding back the crowd of onlookers, "He is playing possum. We don't know what he might do."

An NYPD Emergency Services Unit (ESU) was called to deal with the opossum.

An NYPD officer explained that the NYPD's job was to remove any wildlife found at ground level. The ESU officers waited for an animal crate to be brought and then they dropped a loop over the opossum's head and moved him into the crate. The ESU officers said the opossum did not resist.

The ESU officers said that the opossum appeared to have a broken leg. They thought he had probably fallen asleep under a parked car and gotten hurt when the car drove away. They said the opossum would be taken to animal rescue for evaluation. The crowd applauded as the opossum crate was carried away.

This opossum was gray, not white. This does not seem to be the same opossum I photographed in Tompkins Square Park, in December.

FLASHBACK... to December

[Photo by Mark Cyr]

So to recap, the opossum the NYPD took away last evening is NOT Nicodemus Punch Sugarpop aka Parachute ChingChing Yanoonoo aka Opie...

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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The first opossum sighting of 2021 in Tompkins Square Park

We got a really good look at the (an?) opossum today in Tompkins Square Park... Steven took these photos... the last sighting in November 2020 came late in the afternoon, and the opossum was hiding in some holly bushes. Not today though...
There were multiple opossum sightings in late 2017. Remember Opie aka Nicodemus Punch Sugarpop?

Friday, November 27, 2020

Oh look at the opossum in Tompkins Square Park

An EVG reader shared these photos from Tompkins Square Park today ... where an opossum was spotted lurking in some holly bushes... right there!
Nearly three years have passed since our last opossum sighting here (whatever happened to Nicodemus Punch Sugarpop aka Parachute ChingChing Yanoonoo aka Opie...?) 

Updated 7:30 p.m. 

Steven and Eden had a sighting this evening...
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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Opossum drama in Tompkins Square Park

Parkgoers spotted an opossum this morning ... near the entrance on Seventh Street at Avenue B... unfortunately, the critter had been entangled in a plastic shopping bag...

At least one bystander attempted to remove the bag... but the opossum raced back up the tree as the person approached...

After nearly 30 minutes, EVG correspondent Steven, who shared these photos, said that the opossum was eventually able to free itself from the bag.


Bonus photo of an opossum yawning...

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Opossum where art thou?

The (an?) opossum was spotted traipsing around Tompkins Square Park again today... (this time without a plastic bag) ... Steven shared these photos...

... while EVG regular Cheyenne passed along these shots...

To date, the opossum doesn't have a name/branding/Instagram presence. Found a website that generates opossum names...

Other favorites so far from the generator have been Rasta Jenny Ju, Nicodemus Punch Sugarpop and Parachute ChingChing Yanoonoo.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The opossum of Tompkins Square Park — now on video

[Photo from Dec. 20 by Cheyenne]

Here's your weekly report on Nicodemus Punch Sugarpop, the opossum who recently (and mysteriously!) showed up in Tompkins Square Park.

Goggla has some photos and videos of the opossum, interacting with some squirrels, a rat and Christo, the red-tailed hawk. Head on over here for all the opossum action.

Meanwhile, here's one of the videos showing some dining action...

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Opossum, where art thou?

As the Daily News reported, it was "marsupial madness" today as an opossum was discovered inside the Classic Gourmet Deli on First Avenue between St. Mark's Place and Ninth Street.

There isn't much more to the narrative, other than the NYPD Emergency Services Unit was called in ... and the critter "was safely removed in a crate by Animal Care Centers." He was then released on the rooftop garden at Steiner East Village.

Friday, December 22, 2017

The opossum has pretty much made Tompkins Square Park her/his home now

Nicodemus Punch Sugarpop (OK — that's not really working as a name), the opossum of Tompkins Square Park, is apparently feeling more comfortable now roaming around.

EVG reader Mark Cyr shared these photos from today... showing Parachute ChingChing Yanoonoo enjoying some discarded takeout (where is the mayor with the opossum-proof trash cans????).

Mark also noted that the squirrels would run away from Rasta Jenny Ju...

Per Mark: "We better name him soon — he looks like he is moving in."

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Week in Grieview

[Last night at Royal Tailor on 11th Street]

Stories posted on EVG this past week included...

Pile driving for new building on Avenue C prompts arrival of crack monitors next door (Wednesday)

At the annual Mr. Lower East Side Pageant (in Queens) (Monday)

Jimmy Carbone and Paloma Rocket collaborating on new venture for the Jimmy's No. 43 space (Tuesday)

The latest I Am a Rent-Stabilized Tenant (Friday)

Honoring actor Joseph Sirola at Theatre 80 on St. Mark's Place (Monday)

Bad news for fans of Siggy's Good Food (Wednesday)

Still House relocating to 9th Street (Friday)

Clay Pot opens on St. Mark's Place (Tuesday)

A London-based hairdresser gave free haircuts to the homeless in Tompkins Square Park (Tuesday)

Avant-Garde-Arama at Performance Space grand re-opening (Thursday)

Retail for rent signs arrive for Steiner East Village storefronts (Tuesday)

A look at the former GG's space on 5th Street (Friday)

McSorley's turns 164 (Monday)

A spin through Downtown Yarns on Avenue A (Thursday)

Awaiting repairs for a sidewalk vault on 4th Street (Wednesday)

All is quiet at 75 1st Ave. (Thursday)

Last weekend for the Stone on Avenue C (Thursday)

Report: Financial firm takes the Death Star penthouse (Wednesday)

Chat 'N Chew reboot opens (Tuesday)

...and an opossum update from last night in Tompkins Square Park...


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Saturday, September 27, 2014

This morning at the East River Park Track

Spotted by EVG reader Brad212.

And beware…

Rejected headlines:
Opossum, where art thou?

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Triang hawk relations: Updates on Christo, Dora and Not-Dora/Nora

Steven took this photo of Christo and Not-Dora/Nora (on the right) yesterday atop the Christodora House on Avenue B.

As previously reported, Christo, the red-tailed hawk of Tompkins Square Park, has been spotted several times in the companionship of this hawk while his longtime partner Dora continues to recuperate from an injured wing suffered in late November.

Goggla had an update on Dora back on Thursday:

[A]s of this week, her wounds have healed, but she is still unable to fly. She is still in the care of WINORR and we are hoping she can exercise her wing and regain strength. I really miss her and I think maybe Christo does, too. I try not to anthropomorphize and project my feelings onto him, but he has been acting sullen and surly since she's been away.

Goggla has more on Christo, Not-Dora/Nora and a juvenile red-tailed hawk in this post.

Meanwhile, Christo has been working on a nest (pro tip: complete the bathroom first) ... one can hopefully speculate that this is in anticipation of Dora's return...

[Nest photos by Steven]

And from yesterday, Christo eating something...

[Photo by Bobby Williams]


I have not personally seen the opossum in the Park lately ... but there have been several sightings this past week. Perhaps we'll have some photographic evidence soon. Because people have asked about the opossum.

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Get well soon, Dora!

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Rest easy, citizens of 12th Street — the large animal invader has been slain

The following report showed up on the Citizen app late Sunday night — "large animal invaded home."

The address was listed as a building on 12th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B. 

The report prompted A LOT of speculation — at least in the EVG Instagram Stories.
What could this large animal invader be? A crocodile? A deer? A bobcat? C.H.U.D.? Chupacabra? So many possibilities! (Also, keep in mind that Citizen has posted inaccurate information in the past.) 

Ever-curious EVG contributor Stacie Joy ventured over to the building to learn more about this urban creature/home invader...
Stacie spoke with the super, Oly, who held up the slain beast...
So how did what appears to be a baby mouse on a glue trap end up as a "large animal" home invader? 

Here's what we pieced together based on some Instagram messages and the visit to the building.

The residents of the unit heard a "loud" screeching coming from the kitchen. Living adjacent to a community garden, maybe an opossum found its way into the building and was trapped in an airshaft or in the walls. Thinking it was some kind of animal control situation, they called 311. The 311 operator then told the residents to contact their local police precinct.

It's not clear at the moment how this became a "large animal invader." Perhaps the NYPD was curious, too, as we're told eight officers eventually responded to the scene.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Reader report: Gas main replacement brings new wildlife to East Seventh Street

A resident on East Seventh Street between Avenue C and Avenue D shares the following:

East 7th Street between Avenue C and D has been graced with multiple weeks of gas main replacement, causing the area's typical wildlife, frisky rats, to find alternate habitat. You'll notice in this photo, the planter's dirt has been covered in Belgian block and chicken wire to prevent the erstwhile rodents from nesting in them.

Well, the absence of our rats has brought another form of wildlife to 7th Street. Peeking from between the planters is a frightened little opossum.

311 has uninterestingly responded that opossums are the "property owner's problem."

We hope the little guy hasn't been poisoned by the block's copious rat bait stations...

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Week in Grieview

Posts from the past week included... 

• East River community group gets action on the release of (heavily redacted) value engineering study (Tuesday

• Report of a fatal fire on 5th Street (Friday

• Meeting Chef Wayne from the Bowery Mission (Friday

• The Union Square Food Emporium looks to be closing at the end of May (Thursday

• Police make arrest in fatal punch on 1st Avenue and 11th Street (Tuesday

• Checking on in Meat + Bread on Allen Street (Wednesday

• Movies theaters prep for reopening (Thursday

• Hub Thai debuts new Avenue A space (Thursday

• A stroll by a Goya display in this week's NY See (Thursday

• Gallery Watch: 'Last Supper' at LatchKey Gallery (Wednesday

• This is the new tenant for the NW corner of 2nd Avenue and St. Mark's Place (Wednesday

• 787 Coffee opens an outpost on 14th Street (Monday

• Catch a wave at this incoming Asian restaurant on 6th Street (Thursday

• Report: The Knickerbocker Bar & Grill will be reopening soon on University Place (Wednesday

• Mike's Cleaners is closing on Avenue A (Monday

• A much-needed beach day for Kita the Wonder Dog of East 10th Street (Wednesday

• A new pizzeria for the former Muzzarella Pizza space on Avenue A (Monday)

• Openings: Mi Salsa Kitchen on Allen and Houston; Davidovich Bagels on Avenue A (Monday

• When Charles the dog blasted Daft Punk on 2nd Avenue in a video directed by Spike Jonze (Sunday)

• 347 E. 4th St. sells; conversion to residential use is in the works (Tuesday

• The first opossum sighting of 2021 in Tompkins Square Park (Wednesday

• About Nudibranch, bringing a pop-up tasting menu to 130 1st Ave. this month (Friday

• Leasing underway at Stella LES on Avenue C and Houston (Wednesday

• Construction watch: 799 Broadway (Tuesday

• New signage for the incoming Greenwich Marketplace on 4th Avenue (Monday)

... and I Know! I Know! This used to be such a nice, safe neighborhood... via the Citizen app...
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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Week in Grieview

[Someone tossed a P from Stomp on St. Mark’s Place]

Stories posted on EVG this past week included...

AG's office: Steve Croman agrees to pay $8 million to the tenants he harassed (Thursday)

Workers remove the sculpture fence and prep lot at 89 1st Ave. (Wednesday)

Paquito's Restaurant closing after 25 years on 1st Avenue; take out and delivery will remain (Tuesday)

Neighbor: East Village Cheese, closed now for 2 weeks, is starting to smell (Thursday) ... and a co-owner spotted clearing out the space (Friday)

Santa delivers sacks of coal to Madison Realty Capital, Rafael Toledano's lenders (Friday)

Hotel Tortuga, now with morning espresso service on 14th Street (Wednesday)

Partial vacate order and violations for sidewalk-collapse building on 4th Street (Monday)

Presenting Mercury East Presents, which brings together several local music venues (Tuesday)

How many East Village properties do the Kushner Cos. actually own? (Wednesday)

Pinky's Space bringing quick-serve food options to 1st Street (Monday)

Opossum action (Friday ... Wednesday)

GG's closes on Fifth Street (Friday)

The Ainsworth East Village debuts on 3rd Avenue (Tuesday)

Icon's 9th Street townhouse now available for $17 million (Tuesday)

Out East has not been open the last few days (Thursday)

Viking Waffles signage arrives on Avenue C (Monday)

Reader report: Beware the Amazon Fire TV Stick (Monday)

Westside Market opening in the former Met Foods space on 3rd Avenue and 17th Street (Tuesday)

Some Steiner East Village retail speculation (Monday)

... and several readers noted this bike-lock job on 10th Street and Third Avenue...

[Photo via EVG reader Doug]


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