Monday, May 7, 2018

An injured opossum on Avenue B

Photos and report by Mark Cyr...

Last night, the NYPD found an opossum lying on Avenue B, near Seventh Street along Tompkins Square Park, where a car had been parked. The opossum was alive and looking around at onlookers, but making no effort to move. In the words of the NYPD officer holding back the crowd of onlookers, "He is playing possum. We don't know what he might do."

An NYPD Emergency Services Unit (ESU) was called to deal with the opossum.

An NYPD officer explained that the NYPD's job was to remove any wildlife found at ground level. The ESU officers waited for an animal crate to be brought and then they dropped a loop over the opossum's head and moved him into the crate. The ESU officers said the opossum did not resist.

The ESU officers said that the opossum appeared to have a broken leg. They thought he had probably fallen asleep under a parked car and gotten hurt when the car drove away. They said the opossum would be taken to animal rescue for evaluation. The crowd applauded as the opossum crate was carried away.

This opossum was gray, not white. This does not seem to be the same opossum I photographed in Tompkins Square Park, in December.

FLASHBACK... to December

[Photo by Mark Cyr]

So to recap, the opossum the NYPD took away last evening is NOT Nicodemus Punch Sugarpop aka Parachute ChingChing Yanoonoo aka Opie...

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Anonymous said...

I am glad to see he was taken to a wildlife center for care. Thanks for sharing this!

Gojira said...

Oh my God, how heartbreaking. Why wasn't Ranger Rob called?!? Poor possum, I hope you get healed and not just put to sleep.

Morning ruined.

Anonymous said...

Terrible news! I hope it will be okay.

Greg Masters said...

Thank you for the most excellent report, Mark and EVG.

Eden Bee said...

Awww poor little thing..

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to that opossum, I hope it makes a speedy and full recovery, and stays away from dangerous cars in the future. Cute little bugger.

Anonymous said...

Possum progress
Please update the story when possible.

JQ LLC said...

That posssum not only is hurt but probably depressed, so he is now enrolled in the co-mayor's wife THRIVE program.