Wednesday, May 16, 2018

[Updated] Mikey Likes It remains closed, and people are getting worried

Earlier last week, Andre Trenier created one of his 1980s-flavored murals on the gate at Mikey Likes It, 199 Avenue A near East 12th Street.

The murals always correspond with the ice cream shop's new flavor of the month. Unfortunately, the painting has been the only activity here of late. The storefront has been closed since at least May 1, and some readers/Mikey fans are concerned.

The shop, which is active on social media, hasn't posted anything on Instagram since May 1:

Sorry for the inconvenience both locations are closed today. We are finishing up spring cleaning, we will be right back in a couple days 👍

Meanwhile, the shop's phone is currently out of service. (Mikey's Harlem location is also closed.)

By the way, Saturday marks the four-year anniversary for Mikey Likes It on Avenue A.

You can read our two-part interview with Michael "Mikey" Cole from September 2014 here and here.

Updated 5/18

And they are back open!


Anonymous said...

These days all retail shops are "pop up shops". Opening a new business is difficult and in most cases it takes about 5 years until you finally turn a profit which makes me think all these small business owners are left in tremendous debt.

Anonymous said...

I hope he can pull through.


Peelin' potatoes.

brandon said...

Would be a tragic loss to the neighborhood.

bruce said...

Count me amongst the worried. I completely agree with brandon, this would be tragic. I really hope Mikey can work out whatever it going on.