Friday, May 25, 2018

EV Grieve Etc.: NYC's disappearing affordable housing; more on the MoMa-MoMaCha lawsuit

[Photo in Tompkins Square Park by Derek Berg]

ICYMI — An investigation into how the city's affordable housing stock is being wiped out by tenant harassment and displacement (The New York Times)

Steve Croman tenants on Ridge Street have a message for their landlord (The Lo-Down)

The health department issues warnings about cocaine laced with fentanyl that is circulating in the city (NY1)

Disability advocates rally for subway accessibility at the Third Avenue L stop (Town & Village)

Vegan Live NYC happens tomorrow at the Sixth Street Community Center (Facebook)

The latest on the MoMa-MoMaCha lawsuit (Artsy ... previously)

What to order at Zen Yai Pho Shop on Sixth Street (Eater ... previously)

Extensive film series highlights 1968 and the political and social events that took place throughout the world (Film Anthology Archives ... Metrograph)

Starting today, you can shoot arrows and throw axes at Gotham Archery on Allen Street (Metro)

A look at the former Julian’s pool hall on 14th Street (Ephemeral New York)

John and Yoko late night on WNET (Dangerous Minds)

Revisiting Canal Street (Flaming Pablum)

... and art by Cate McNider adorns the walls at Sister Jane on 13th Street through July 11...

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Anonymous said...

Just as important to fight against is the Air BnB takeover of modestly priced apartments.