Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Manhattenhenge, take 2

[Nothing to see here!]

After a promising and photogenic start last evening, some low-sitting clouds obscured the setting sun, spoiling the first Manhattanhenge of the year (#Disappointhenge).

However, if all goes well tonight, the sun will align with the street grid around 8:12. (Full sun on the grid!)

The next dates for Manhattanhenge 2018 are July 12 and 13.

And if you want some background on all this Manhattenhenging, read this by Neil deGrasse Tyson at the Museum of Natural History.


-JQ LLC said...

Manhattanhenge sunset failed again. All that taxpayer funded NYPD chaperoning of thousands of social media obsessed dopes for nothing.

JQ LLC said...

Gojira said...

I would have liked to see the Death Star digitally inserted into that photo. Just sayin'!