Monday, May 21, 2018

Mikey Likes It was back open this past weekend

After a three-plus-week closure, Mikey Likes It reopened on Friday evening at 199 Avenue A between 12th Street and 13th Street.

On Friday afternoon, Mikey's posted the following message to Facebook: "After a few minor technical difficulties, our East Village location is back."

And by Saturday...

[Photo by Lola Sáenz]

Owner Michael "Mikey" Cole told EVG reader Brucie on Saturday that the machine they use to make the ice cream broke down, and it took weeks to get the right parts ordered and delivered — and to get the proper repair. (Mikey also said that they're looking into buying spare parts or another machine as a backup so this doesn't happen again.)

[Photo Saturday night at close by Brucie]

Saturday also marked the four-year anniversary for the shop.


Anonymous said...

Wheww! Small business saved!
The whole community supports you and has your back.
Here's to a great summer season.

Unknown said...

Not a bad time for a forced closing since the weather has been sh%t. I'm sure they would have been more upset had it been 75-80 deg every day. Heck, maybe they saved money!