Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Inkstop Tattoo closing later this summer after 21 years on Avenue A and 13th Street

Eric Rignall, the owner of Inkstop Tattoo on Avenue A at 13th Street, recently announced via Instagram that the shop was closing by Aug. 1 after 21 years in business on this corner.

However, he will continue working by appointment only from a new space in Queens.

I asked Rignall more about the situation. I wondered if the six new luxury residential buildings that have either opened or are in the process of welcoming tenants within a two-block radius, including Steiner East Village and Extell's EVGB, played a role in the move.

For starters, he said that the Ink Stop landlord has been fair with him "but market value for rent in the neighborhood is a bit too high in general to stay on top of things," he said. "Also, it is true that the new changes to the neighborhood in the last few years have dramatically reduced business in the area. A lot of people have moved out and there is not as much foot traffic as there was."

[Photo of Rignall from January by James Maher]

Rignall lives in Queens, and working closer to home "with a much lower overhead is the right choice for me to make."

Meanwhile, the corner space is now on the market. The listing notes that it's a "perfect space for office or retail. No cooking. Microwave is allowed."

Read our interview with Ringall from January 2017 here.

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Anonymous said...

Although not a fan of body modification I am sorry to see another independent leave the EV.