Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The 9th Precinct's Sector B NCOs wants to hear from you

Sean Walsh, a neighborhood coordination officer (NCO) for the 9th Precinct, shared the above flyer with me... with details on the quarterly meeting for residents living in Sector B — which covers 14th Street to Seventh Street from First Avenue to Avenue C.

Here's what Officer Walsh had to say:

"We are trying to encourage as many people to attend as possible. We want to hear the concerns of the neighborhood to help give us an idea of what to focus on to make this neighborhood safer, and to alleviate some of the issues that people are experiencing. No problem is too small and not to be discouraged from attending. These meetings take place quarterly and are always within the area each NCO covers. This program can only be as effective as the neighborhood wants it to be."

The meeting is tomorrow (Thursday!) at 6:30 p.m. in the Campos Plaza Community Room, 635 E. 12th St. at Avenue C.

The 9th Precinct and NYPD launched the NCO program last fall. The 9th Precinct is split up into four sectors, with two officers assigned to each of these areas. Find the sectors along with details on upcoming meetings here. Find a list of the 9th Precinct's NCOs here.

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