Monday, May 28, 2018

Report: Bargoer dies after passing out at No Fun on Ludlow Street

The Post reports today that a 25-year-old Brooklyn woman "lost consciousness" while sitting on a couch at No Fun on Saturday night.

According to the Post:

A friend discovered the unresponsive woman and called 911, cops said. When police arrived, the concerned caller told them the victim had been drinking and using cocaine earlier in the day, police sources said.

No drugs were found at the time.

The woman, whose name has not been made public, was pronounced dead at Beth Israel.

No Fun, at 161 Ludlow St. between Houston and Stanton, is "often considered by neighbors to be one of the worst quality-of-life offenders within the confines of Hell Square," according to BoweryBoogie in reporting on a recent street brawl outside the establishment.

In 2016, the owners of No Fun sued the Lower East Side Dwellers community organization for defamation.

As The Lo-Down reported:

Operators of the bar ... took issue with the Dwellers’ contention in emails and during a public meeting that the night spot lacked a certificate of occupancy. They claimed that this assertion damaged the bar’s reputation.

The lawsuit was dismissed in state supreme court earlier this month.

Updated 5/29

The Post updated their article with the name of the victim — Emily Fayssoux, a North Carolina native who graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She reportedly worked in fashion marketing.


Ronnie said...

"No Fun" indeed! ... the state of uncontrolled youth and lawless abandonment coupled with bar owners who's only real concern for their customers is $$$... alas the ongoing state of affairs of the LES

Unknown said...

if this doesnt get the place shut down nothing will

JQ LLC said...

No fun dead babe no fun.


Any word from the new nightlife ambassador?

Anonymous said...

yes, hell square is a nuisance, and i would rather drink/drug at home alone than patron any of the bars in that area. however, you can not blame the bar, when a customer dies after drinking all day and taking drugs. it is an unfortunate accident, but there needs to be some ownership on the individuals. there is always going to be a risk of death when drinking and doing could happen at any bar any time.

LES Lifer said...

This death falls squarely on Gov Andrew Cuomo and NY SLA with support fron CB3, NYPD and our Electeds who cower in fear of Gov Bully as well as are easily swayed by the industry / developers / BIDs / bar-club owners be it political contributions or pay offs (one in the same).

Our daft Mayor now has doubled down and appointed an egregious bar owner to push more nightlife and listened to the harpie CM Espinal out of Bushwick about some cockamamie idea he is saving the creative soul of NYC by protecting and promoting nightlife. What a foolish silly man. Nightlife died in NYC a long time ago —bottle service, hotel culture, and death of real DJs who could actually spin and discover new music which is why you came out to dance anyway!

Espinal Take No Fun and all the other vapid clubs/bars/hotels to Bushwick. We define culture and community very differently in the EV and LES!

This girl came to No Fun to party not eat (this was approved as a full service sit down restaurant) —doesn’t matter if she was coked up before or not. The excess and lawlessness of this area at the hands of egregious bar/club owners like this and no enforcement by NYPD or SLA is why this happened.

Anonymous said...

"May 29, 2018 at 11:00 AM"-Spot on!

JQ LLC said...

Yeah where the heck is the night mayor? And Where is Corey Johnson on this too, he took a lot of donor money from the nightlife industry as well as real estate also, the latter which gets overlooked for a lot of mom and pops got devoured and replaced with these bullshit barsteraunts.

There was a time when bartenders would tell people they had enough, this woman had to be exhibiting bizarre behavior being coked up and drunk that early in the evening.

Also spot on Lifer, good that you put that pandering hipster shill Espinal on notice, another slaveboy for hospitality and real estate donor money

Shawn said...

Here she is. How her family must be just heartbroken. 25 is just a baby.