Tuesday, May 22, 2018


This gap is easy

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From the Post:

Daredevil Lower East Side cyclists are turning clunky, notoriously heavy CitiBikes into their personal stunt bikes, pulling off gravity-defying stunts with wheelies across alleys and jumps off stairs, then posting videos of the free-wheeling antics to an Instagram account called “Citibikeboyz.”

The ‘boyz’ behind the account say they actually feel safer jumping over a curb or doing a wheelie on the 45-pound, carefully-designed rides.

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And by the way, Sunday marks Citi Bike's fifth anniversary in the City...there will be cake...


Eden Bee said...


JQ LLC said...

Jackass lives. Thanks shitibike.

sic em boy! (on Bond st.)



I love this kid. #brandevangelist I can see CitiPlague now, rewriting their TOS to address people using their blue locusts for stunts and demolition derby-like activities.

Anonymous said...

Free publicity for the bank, nice. #citibankboyz

Anonymous said...

Citibike: For the idiot too cheap to own his/her own bike and spare me "I can't fit it in my apartment" cuz ever heard of a wall bikerack or putting your bike in a corner so the front wheel blends with the corner?

Seriously, paying money to ride a bike and being a biking billboard for Citibank whose ATM lobby security is so lax a man was killed at an Upper East Side Citibank ATM location is the height of stupidity. Buy a bike and use it, and no you don't have to spend $3000, $2000, $1000, or even $500 for a good one. I bought a great mountain bike for $100 I sold for the same cuz I wanted a BMX bike.

Dan said...

re: Anonymous

I have a bike, but I'm also a citibike member. There are a lot of good reasons for that.

1. you have the option of biking from A to B, but dont have to bike back. For example, I citibike to work, but I might want to go catch drinks with friends after so I dont want to be put in a position to have to ride back.

2. it works well with taking the train. I live on 1st avenue, sometimes I dont want to walk to the 6 train, so i'll take citibike a few blocks to catch the train. Same situation getting off the train, often times I can take a citibike to cover the last few blocks if where I'm going isnt that close to the station.

3. i'm biking somewhere where I'll stay all day, it's a lot more comfortable to not have to worry about your bike that's locked up outside for 5-6+ hours.

Bike sharing is a thing dude, it exists and has demand for a reason, rather than only being able to see things from your own perspective, maybe stop and think about why it makes sense for a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

Dan - 12:56pm back here.

1. You make no sense at all. You Citibike to work when you have your own bike, so you are wasting money. If you're having drinks with friends too far from work, ok, but if it's within walking or biking distance from work, use your own bike. There's this thing called a bike lock. But if you wanna blow $169 a year/$13 a month and have Citibike track your every move based on where you pick up or drop off one of their bikes, go ahead, knock yourself out.

2. You can bike to work and/or back home but you can't walk two measly blocks to the Astor Place station (1st Avenue to 2nd to 3rd the Astor Place station is just off of)? You use a Citibike to bike a few blocks to or from a station hmmmm so you have money to burn and seem to be a weird hybrid of being a cyclist and someone so out of shape he can't even walk a few blocks to/from a train station.

3. Again there's this thing called a bike lock.

I don't have to see it from someone else's perspective. I think it's a waste of money, more congestion, and crass commercialism not to mention the majority of Citibikers ride like idiots (sidewalk, opposite way, through a red light, turn too close to the curb etc.) I think owning your own bike and a top-notch bike lock and walking to and from train stations makes more sense as well as saves money.

JQ LLC said...

Last anon:

It's best two own two bike locks. And Dan is the perfect demo for the wretched ShCittibike service, lazy and wasteful with money. ShCittibike only exists for advertising their bank and is only convenient and useful for wealthy people, which is why you don't see any of these ugly heavy blue bikes in bad neighborhoods or poor areas like East New York, Brownsville and Southeast Queens.