Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Coming soon to an egg cream near you: hazelnut and cappuccino (but not at Ray's)

[Image by rollingrck via Flickr]

Now Alison Nelson, a lifelong New Yorker and the owner of the Chocolate Bar is trying to revive the egg cream with a bit of a twist. With the opening after a relocation to the East Village, she is introducing egg creams in new flavors: hazelnut, cappuccino and another classic New York flavor, black and white (which is half black chocolate and half white chocolate, like the classic cookie). “I was hoping to reinvigorate the egg cream phenom that existed in the early 1900s maybe every diner and soda shop will have it,” Ms. Nelson said. “I wanted to reintroduce the egg cream to a whole generation of people.” (City Room)

[Updated: At 9:07 p.m., I changed the photo I had up of Gem Spa for Ray's. Much better. Was trying to show a real old-school place that had Egg Creams...]


Anonymous said...

was this the same chocolate bar on clinton street? I used to never see anyone in that joint.

Marlie said...

Ray's Ray's Ray's---his egg creams are THE BEST EVER!

EV Grieve said...

Yeah, you're right Marlie...I changed the photo!

Anonymous said...

Ray's ice cream taste like flavored frozen battery fluid. That place is the Starbucks of the underclass.

Jill said...

I still remember the absolute treat of getting a pretzel with your egg cream from the street carts. I clamored for it the way my son whines for Pizza Grupo. And for some reason I feel like it cost 10 cents. Is that possible? I might just be dreaming.

However, it's so easy to make an egg cream that you don't have to leave your house. Make a regular chocolate milk and then add a big splash of selzter. Voila, it's yummy.