Thursday, August 28, 2008

Al's Bar, 1987-88

Just enjoying a shot of the Bowery via amg2000's Flickr page. Plenty more provocative photos there.

Al's Bar, 108 Bowery, circa 1987-88. (Closed in 1994)


Ken Mac said...

Geez how do you find his Bowery pics? There are a million links on his Flikr page.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken.

Yes, there are so many links...

There's some good stuff here:

Andrew Gardner said...

Hey EV Grieve...thanks for posting the link to my photos.

If you enter "bowery" in my photostream...I think it should bring up any of the Bowery photos I have posted.

I've got more shots from the 80s (and 90s), I just need to scan them in and post them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, AMG....Looking forward to seeing more photos!