Monday, August 11, 2008

EV Grieve is starting to take photos of sunsets and stuff

Can a record of John Tesh covers be far behind?

[Now with locations -- thanks for the prompt, Ken Mac!]

Second Avenue between St. Mark's and 7th Street looking east.

Second Avenue near 7th Street looking south.

Third Street near Avenue A looking east.

Seventh Street near Avenue B looking east.

Oops...I don't remember....I think Houston near Essex looking west.

Sixth Street near Avenue A looking west.

Avenue B near Seventh Street looking northeast.

Seventh Street and Avenue B looking east.

Houston near Essex looking west.


Ken Mac said...

location, location, locations??

Anonymous said...

Were you listening to Enya whilst taking these pictures?

Anonymous said...

I prefer this version, Sheila:

Oops! Will do!

Anonymous said...

Was that version a 45rpm played on 33?

As long as it's not John Tesh (unless they forced you to listen to his records if you're gonna be doing his album covers), regardless whether it's normal or slow mo play.

Ken Mac said...

that's more like it. I like that sunset. That was before they banned all chrome vending units without advertising from the streets. :)