Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Times looks at the Stuyvesant Polyclinic

The Times looks at The German Dispensary and adjacent library on Second Avenue between 8th and 9th Streets today. (You know, the Stuyvesant Polyclinic...mansion of death.)

The piece gives a broad history of the space...and a glimpse of the future, possibly dispelling a few of the rumors surrounding its fate:

Now the architect David Mayerfeld is working on an alteration for a future occupant, which he describes only as “a think-tank sort of thing, that works on business problems.”

He plans to strip the paint from the intricate ironwork stairway railings and columns, and will have to add a sprinkler system throughout to retain the open stair hall. He says that removing half a century of dropped ceilings and tacked-on flooring has been a process of discovery, as bits of tile, tin ceiling and other finishes suddenly appear.

Previously: Jeremiah has been following this his coverage here.

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