Sunday, August 24, 2008

At the Staten Island Yankees game

Last Sunday, Mrs. Grieve and I went to our first S.I. Yankees game of the season. Unlike what the Yankees (and Mets) are charging (and will be charging) for tickets and food and booze, an S.I. game seems downright cheap. So to speak.

Transporation: S.I. Ferry (free, of course)
Tickets: They range from $5 to $13
Beer: $5 for a 16-ounce draft

Anyway, here are several shots from the game and ride. There are more on Flickr. Several home games remain this season.


Anonymous said...

Yankees suck -- regardless whether they're SI or the NY Yankees.

Burt seriously, you couldn't watch them at the Keyspan, home of the Brooklyn Cyclone -- much better field and atmosphere, plus you're right by Coney Island, where there are plenty things to do before and after the game. As for the field in SI, what's there to do, smell the fresh air and wander around the landfills? Or perhaps run-in with a guido or guidette? Rather deal with a yunnie than a guido/guidette from SI.

Anonymous said...

Games at KeySpan Park are great too...Any chance to go to Ruby's...I'm not much of a Met's fan, though. Not that it matters at this level.