Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Richard Sandler's New York CIty

[Richard Sandler, 1982]

Gothamist had a great post yesterday on photographer/filmmaker Richard Sandler. He has made several documentaries, including Brave New York, which chronicles the East Village from 1988-2003. You can watch it here:

He has also made Sway, which, according to Gothamist, is 14 years of camcorder-recorded subway rides that have been edited together. Both films will be playing Aug. 22 in the community garden at Sixth Street and Avenue B. Some of his photos are in the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Museum.


Anonymous said...

what a great film--the Starbucks is closing on Astor Place--Barnes&Noble closed--some of the faces I remember may have passed away lately--correct me if I am wrong--it is performance art--let the show begin--

Anonymous said...

Th Starbucks on Astor placed is closing? Wow. And we complain that along the banks, pharmacy, Starbucks are taking over Manhattan. If even Starbucks are being priced out, I guess the EV must be really being totally ultra and uber luxefied. Good bye yellow brick road.