Sunday, August 17, 2008

Claim: New York is the most competitive city in the world

According to the Global Urban Competitiveness Project (as reported in The Economist), New York is the most competitive city in the world.

Of course, there is a problem with this No. 1 ranking, as Gawker weekend editor Ian Spiegelman notes: "Competitive people are assholes, and there are too goddamn many of them here!" [Via Gawker]


Anonymous said...

I'm just hoping that these competitive assholes will eliminate each other, for that coveted price of being on top.

Bob Arihood said...

This city may indeed be , much to our misery , full of competitive ass-holes but our city is no longer very competitive .

We are simply no longer very innovative in the arts , architecture ,engineering ,financial services or a whole host of specific technologies and services .We are unaffordable too.

though these assholes may all be competing out their assholes among themselves , their performance and product are less and less competitive in the world because they simply are no longer innovative and they are too damned expensive .
Capital is simply used too ineffeciently in NYC for NYC services and products to be competitive in the larger world . Everyone from the property owners down has to have too much money for whatever it is they produce or serve .Thus its is too expensive to afford to be able to take the time and effort to be innovative with new products and services in NYC today .
The arts are to a large extent not here any more because they can't afford to be here ...and architecture ,well with very very few exceptions no one gives a shit . Everyone at the top gets their piece of the pie though , even the treasury of city of New York .
We can thank our mayor and his powerful bungling , friends for a big part of this problem .Though they are largely responsible for fucking it all up , they got theirs . The rest of us of course lose because of this .

Bob Arihood