Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wikipedia's whoppers

In the Post today, Steve Cuozzo takes a look at Wikipedia's New York City entry. Let's just say it's not very accurate. Cuozzo writes:

[W]hen it comes to the city's geography and streetscape, Wikipedia can be wildly out of date - like its notoriously wrong-headed story on Hunts Point, which (to the neighborhood's dismay) cites 20-year old crime data.

Other entries read like dumb bus-tour guides' off-base spiels. One states that the East Village "is considered part of the Lower East Side" - by morons, maybe, but not by anyone who has ever crossed Houston Street. Nor was the East Village "formerly known as the Bowery."

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Anonymous said...

Not a moron, just maybe behind the times. Just because the area north of Houston St. came to be called the East Village doesn't mean, ipso facto, that it seceded from a greater area called the Lower East Side. As recently as the 80's, the East Village was nicknamed the Loisaida.

If the East Village no longer considers itself part of the Lower East Side, that's a different, separate development. The last time I checked, Dutch Kills and Hunters Point were still considered part of Long Island City.