Monday, August 18, 2008

Meanwhile, in Saint-Tropez

Please allow this quick diversion away from EV Grieve's usual topics...where we visit the pages of Page Six Magazine for The Ivana-logues, the high-society column written by Ivana Trump. Without comment:

To get to a party in Saint-Tropez last week, guests were asked to board a shuttle bus to the property. Well, I have not been on a bus in 20 years and I’m not about to get on one now. So I see this gorgeous French police guy with his big motorbike. I go up to him in my high heels—the guy has no idea who I am, he just sees a good-looking chick—and I say, “Monsieur, can you give me a ride?” I jump on the bike and he has these huge shoulders and he takes me two-and-a-half miles, through the bushes, to the party. When he drops me off, he says, “You look like Ivana Trump.” I say, “I am Ivana Trump and thank you so much for the ride.” He totally freaked out.

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StuyTownFullofYunnies said...

What a joke! Remember the days when the newspapers would hire real writers and journalists as columnists, like the great Russell Baker?

EV Grieve said...

Well, Ivana is no Lydia Hearst when it comes to pointless Page Six Magazine columns!

Anyway, yeah, Ivana's column is so over the top, I'm, I'm kind of at a loss.