Friday, June 12, 2009

Automated Thief Machine

From The Villager's Police Blotter this week:

An automated teller machine with an undetermined sum of money was discovered missing on Friday morning June 6 from in front of 602 E. 14th St. near Avenue B, police said. Police said they were investigating the theft but were unable to say how the A.T.M. was spirited away. On April 21, Valentine Garcia, of Queens was arrested in connection with the theft of several A.T.M.’s on the Lower East Side and elsewhere by knocking them down with a white van and driving off with them. Garcia was being held pending a July 28 court appearance.


esquared said...

Maybe Julius has it.

hntrnyc said...

Or perhaps Murdoch? Grieve, I commend you for inserting an image of the A-teamobile at any opportunity.

Now THAT, was quality television.