Friday, December 17, 2010

As pit bull fear grips the East Village.... free dog park etiquette class tomorrow

From The Villager this week:

On Sat., Dec. 18, at 11 a.m., Drayton Michaels, who specializes in training pit bulls, will give a talk and demonstration at the Tompkins Square dog run on how to handle the dogs. He will discuss dog park etiquette, how to referee dogs in large groups, how to defuse potentially dangerous situations and how to break up dogfights. He will also discuss pit bull traits and “why your dog may be too much for the other dogs.”

“Dogs sometimes get into situations they can’t handle,” said Rosso, who is himself a dog trainer. “There’s little awareness among new dog owners about this. It’s a hot-button issue.”

And leave your weapons at home.

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Melanie said...

This photo is totally precious. This is a good idea. It is up to humans to take charge and responsibility and make themselves as aware as possible.I love dogs and none of us should be victimized (man and beast) included.

Anonymous said...

Thank god someone is taking a stand for Pit Bulls + Staffy's. How discriminating and ignorant can people be? The owners need to wake up and take some responsibility. Lets also remember that any dog can attack at anytime, it's not just pit bulls. People come on... please stop being so ignorant!

Anonymous said...

"Lets also remember that any dog can attack at anytime, it's not just pit bulls."

Stupidest fucking comment I've ever read.
(That's right; EVER)