Saturday, December 25, 2010

Things that aren't Jesus: St. Lazarus of Avenue B

My apologies... yesterday (twice!) I misidentified this statute on Avenue B and 13 Street as Jesus. I didn't mean to be flip about this — I secretly thought this was a stunt for the spring/summer line from Freemans Sporting Club.

Anyway! Several readers have pointed out that this is Lazarus, aka Lazarus of Bethany, St. Lazarus, the skinny guy with the two dogs.

So it's St. Lazarus now chained to a fence on Avenue B. This is an obstacle on the sidewalk. I have informed the Community Board and DOT to have the statue fined.

[Image via. Interesting this item is sold out!]


dmbream said...

Calling Susan Stetzer!

Susan Stetzer!

Report to Avenue B and 13th immediately!

Eden Bee said...

I'm back. That thing is mine.