Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Riding in the bike lane? Bring your snow tires


Unknown said...

where are all the traffic agents who give out tickets normally today? what about the health dept inspectors? shouldnt they be shoveling the corners so that senior citizens can get out and about? where are the vaunted and exalted members of community board 3? calling the buildings dept ?

long live SUPERDIVE !!!!

REOPENING 2011??? the masses hope so!!!

Anonymous said...

This whole thing sucks bawlz. Hatin' life right now.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

When the bike lanes went in, I asked how a plow would fit and I was told there was 'plenty of room' between the curb and parked cars for a plow. LOL. Right. The way I see it, the plows will stick to the now-reduced traffic lanes, giving them less road to clear. What a genius move by the DoT.

Anonymous said...


Makes me want to buy a shovel to help the senior citizens you mentioned, Allan... but my lazy selfishness is getting in the way....I suck.