Friday, December 31, 2010

Today in New Year's Eve etiquette


Anonymous said...

F them. A note will not make up for the annoying music and lack of sleep it will likely cause for neighbors!!! :(

Anonymous said...

Dear Hecho en Dumbo party goers:

from 11:30pm December 31st until 4am January 1st I will be throwing snow, water balloons, and rotten eggs at random intervals from my window.

I apologize in advance for any disturbance, frostbite or cleaning bills this might cause.

Happy New Year,

Love the people that F*&^ing live here.

blue glass said...

must be a very big bash if they warn you in prior to the "event".
and they think apologizing in advance makes them good guys.
so nice of them to give you time so you could get a hotel room.
happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Seriously people, take a valium and wash it down with a bottle or two of champagne. It's fucking New Years. Pull the stick out of your ass for one night. If you want quite on New Years you should go to a deserted island which in case you haven't noticed it's been centuries since Manhattan has come close to being one of those.

I get that the lower east side has turned into a fucking frat crawl and I loathe being on the streets on a weekend night but anyone who is not happy to have 2010 over is not relatable to me.

Big Brother said...

1 It's New Year's Eve.
2 They're extending an unnecessary courtesy.
3 Get a life.