Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday tree lighting in Tompkins Square Park tomorrow

The sign gives you all the details... Meanwhile, this will be the last year for the tree lighting. On Jan. 3, workers will tear down the tree to make way for a new, 12-story tree. In three years, the current tree will be offered a space here, though at current market rates.

Uh, sorry. still in a state about this. On a serious note, I won't be around here tomorrow afternoon... so if you have any photos from the tree lighting that you'd like to share... grieve98 at gmail dot com.

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ShutUpHooker said...

I love this sadly looking "Charlie Brown Xmas Tree" I hope its left alone...
It signifies the EV: failure to thrive.

C Merry said...

I love this tree. It was planted when our kitty Cassa was a baby and he and it have certainly grown together. He could put his nose to the top of it as a wee sapling. We used to take him out on a harness and he'd lay in the grass there. I always smile when I see it :)

Kevin Dowd said...

The holiday tree in Tompkins Square is here to stay! After a great celebration on the 19th, we're looking forward to an even bigger show for our 20th anniversary next year, and many more to come!