Saturday, December 4, 2010

Stolen Cost art fetches $4,200 on eBay

As I reported, the Cost Showpaper box turned up missing on Second Avenue near Houston. Gothamist noted earlier this week that the item turned up on eBay.

The bidding ended today...looks like it fetched $4,200.

[Top photo via AWKWORD]


John M said...

i'm no lawyer, but isn't this theft and illegal sale of stolen goods? unless this was the actual owner of the box--who owns these things, anyway?

the illegal angle makes a lot more sense to me. who else would be dumb enough to sell an obviously stolen object on ebay? the only place where someone would be dumb enough to buy it?

keep us posted on this, will ya? it would be great to see charges filed.

OWR said...

It would be more interesting to see if Cos complained considering that he is defacing someone else's property.

Anonymous said...

actually, i these boxes were commissioned. by showopaper, which especially makes sense because the whole world knows (at this point) that cost is adam cole's tag. so yea, John M, this is absolutely theft, and the selling of stolen goods. the ebayer admits that he bought this from the person who picked it up off the street and knows it was picked up off the street. someone should call the nypd and let them know so this douchebag trying to profit from the theft of a stolen public art project can be prosecuted. info from

glamma said...

cost and revs were probably the most anti-commercial/capitalist writers in NYC so this is highly inappropriate

Anonymous said...

a box that says F**K all over it, IM GLAD ITS GONE ! our city docent need anymore graffiti or bad examples