Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tompkins Square Park red-tailed hawk is 'much more cool than a hipster'

I totally missed Stephanie Cohen's piece in the Post today of the red-tailed hawk of Tompkins Square Park.... An excerpt!

" ... this Tompkins Square chick boasts something just as important: downtown street cred. Call her the hipster hawk.

So it’s only fitting that Jonathan Ames, the indie writer behind the HBO hit 'Bored to Death,' is a fan.

“I was thrilled to see such a proud and fierce raptor in Tompkins Square Park,” says the Brooklyn-based Ames.

Right after seeing the hawk, I saw a young man projectile-vomit, so it was quite the full outing.”

Per a Post commenter: "Please, she's no hipster. She kills rats and pigeons and lives off of them. She's much more cool than a hipster."

Many thanks to BaHa for the two photos...


LiberationNYC said...

It eats rats and pigeons, it's ANTI hipster.You can almost see it drooling looking at the squirrel.

JSE said...

I saw her last week, and it was quite something! Gorgeous. I snapped a frame of Kodachrome, but from a distance. Thanks for all your efforts with this blog, keep up the good work!

Lisa said...

There are actually two hawks in the park; I have bird feeders on my fire escape and periodically they both show up in the big tree outside my bedroom window and wait for hours on the off-chance an exceptionally dumb pigeon will flutter by. The birds, however, can sense when they are there and stay away in droves (except once, and then I got to see one eating a fat pidgie on the branch from 5 feet away). Sometimes one sits in the tree and calls and calls until the other comes to join him/her, and to see them wheeling around in the sky above my building never fails to take me out of NY for a while.

Great photos!

Anonymous said...

From anon 10:39, "...never fails to take me out of NY for a while"

Hey, or, you can make the company of the hawks yet another great thing about being in New York. :)

Anonymous said...

Almost positive she was sitting on a tree branch behind my apartment building!!! My neighbor, who has a gorgeous outdoor courtyard garden, and I are so very happy -- and hope this addresses our evil SQUIRREL problem once and for all! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF EAST NINTH STREET AND THE EAST VILLAGE!

Anonymous said...

We stopped to admire her and make sure our 3yo son caught her sunning herself on a low branch on the Ave A side of Tomkins just now. The moment we stopped, she took flight diving over our heads and swooped down onto an unsuspecting pigeon that was scavenging on the sidewalk on Ave A. We got Natchah!