Monday, June 1, 2009

Mr. C's on C now open

On Avenue C near Seventh Street. An Italian Trattoria. Previously.

Here's a reader comment from my last Mr. C's post:

I am one of the owners of Alphabet City Wine Co., the wine shop next door. Not sure how the place is gonna turn out but I have had a couple tours of the place and It looks really nice in there. Classic shit. Nothing too fancy. They even have a little backyard seating arrangement.The chef is pretty excited to get started and is doing solid Italian fare. It will be good to have some energy flowing from next door.


mason55 said...

Stopped in for dinner last night. The food was very good, especially the pasta rags. The chef seemed to be stopping at everyone's table and making an effort to meet the folks from the neighborhood. He was also gave us some free food cause he heard we didn't like our one of our appetizers, even though we loved it.

Overall I can see Mr. C's sticking around for a bit, they seem to know how to succeed where they are.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks for checking in with a review, Mason.

Anonymous said...

Mr c's a place where they take hard working loyal individuals and throw them to the curb like yesterdays garbage.If you have eaten at Mr c's prior to May 17th you have eaten at an illegally operated restaurant.As MrC's has is not scheduled to get their operational inspection until the 17th of May.The Mr C's that previous posters comment on is no longer there New York City now has itself yet another run of the mill pizzeria.No longer will customers be able to order beef short rib pasta rags instead you can get yourself a slice and a seabreeze cola(dont believe them when they tell you its a coke)just look at the soda machine and see for yourself.To all the well wishers and neighborhood people I have met thank you for your support,but please stay away from Mr.C and his illegal restaurant

Jason said...

I'd rather pour Ragu on my shoe & eat that then ever go back there. Horrible food, even worse service. Chef checking up on customers? Free Food? Bollocks... Avoid this place like the plague!

Anonymous said...

Don't believe the two posts above. Mr C's is a great Italian restaurant with very affordable prices. I am definitely going back.