Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A short history of Citi-Spaces at Second Avenue and 11th Street

As The Real Deal reported last Thursday, Citi-Spaces closed their office on Second Avenue at 11th Street.

The office was open for less than a year at this location. On this solemn occassion, let's take a look back at their history here!

It began June 17, 2008, when Jeremiah Moss noted this in his *Everyday Chatter:

Something weird is coming to the EV where a bodega used to be at 2nd Ave and 11th St. -- looks like a Mexican restaurant outside, with Moroccan-style lamps inside, but filled with many wooden cubicles, each with a computer terminal and an office phone. Hmm, DIY phone-sex biz?

[Photo courtesy of Jeremiah Moss]

Then! Shortly after its July opening, it was tagged.

Then it was tagged again in late winter...

...but someone had a change of heart a few weeks back. Just say no to the anarchy!

And now, it sits empty...

...with a new tenant forced to deal with the worst color scheme ever!

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hntrnyc said...

Wow, less than a year. Before the city spaces office (which never seemed remotely busy), it sat vacant for years and before that it was a standard gritty deli.
With the obvious luxe interior, should get snapped up with a quickness..