Monday, September 19, 2016

The former St. Mark's Bookshop is for rent

[Photo by Steven]

We spotted a listing for 136 E. Third St., the last location of St. Mark's Bookshop here in the NYCHA-controlled First Houses between Avenue A and First Avenue.

The listing at LoopNet notes a few details:

Good glass frontage, former bookstore.
No venting, no bars,
No basement. No outdoor use.

The space is just over 1,300 square feet... with an asking price of $60 per square foot. So roughly $7,800 a month.

After 38 years at four locations, St. Mark's Bookshop closed last Feb. 28 (with an "epilogue sale" on March 5).

Among other things, the long-struggling store reportedly owned some $70,000 in back rent to the NYCHA.

The store's previous location, 31 Third Ave., has been tenant free since the St. Mark's Bookshop moved out in 2014. The space has held several pop-up events for the students of landlord Cooper Union.


Gojira said...

Pathetic, simply pathetic.

Carol from E. 5th Street said...

What kind of store could you open in that location to ever be able to afford $7800 per month rent?

Anonymous said...

Does the money go to NYCHA repairs?