Monday, September 12, 2022

Noted (again)

As noted on Saturday... the booted Subaru (without plates) remains booted in the bus lane (sung to the tune of "Sandy" aka "Stranded at the Drive-In") outside 35 Avenue A between Second Street and Third Street. 

A reader has said the city towed the car here and left ahead of the milling on Third Street last week. So it has been here since at least Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Dysfunctional city agency. Keep bus lanes and bike lanes clear. This should be a trivial issue to resolve.

Anonymous said...

The city left a nice workspace to get under the Subaru and cut off the cat converter
I bet it’s looooong gone!

Anonymous said...

This happened to me years ago. I parked my sister's car early in the week and there were some holidays mid-week, so I didn't have to move it until I was going to use it on Saturday.

Went to the spot that I had left it and it was gone, but the road was brand spanking new and there was a tattered sign on a pole with a phone number to call. I called and they had no record of my car being towed. The woman also questioned why I didn't check on my car every day like I should (which was just weird).

The next day, still wondering where the car was, I had the idea to check for parking tickets. Went online and found four tickets - they had dropped the car in the left turn only lane on 2nd Avenue as you reach Houston - pretty much across from Mars Bar. I have no doubt they parked it there and entered the wrong license plate number into the system on purpose so they wouldn't get in trouble for dropping it in a no parking zone.

Probably made some good overtime on that too.

Anonymous said...

No plates on the car? Probably some sort of insurance scam or the car was stolen and abandoned.

Anonymous said...

NO plates lol how is it still on the streets after all this time booted