Saturday, September 17, 2022

Adela Fargas Way

Adela Fargas Way is now official on the corner of Fifth Street and Avenue C. 

During a noontime ceremony today, friends, family and local elected officials gathered on this NE corner to pay tribute to the restaurateur who ran Casa Adela at 66 Avenue C for decades.    
Fargas died in January 2018. She was 81.

As we reported in May, District Leader Aura Olavarria drafted the petition ... and worked with Adela's son Luis Rivera and other community members-groups. They collected hundreds of signatures and presented the petition to Community Board 3's Transportation, Public Safety, Sanitation & Environment Committee, who overwhelmingly approved the petition ... and the entire Board passed a resolution in support on May 24. 

On July 14, the New York City Council Committee passed Councilmember Carlina Rivera's bill for the co-naming.
Top photo by @the_clemente


Anonymous said...

This is just beautiful. This makes everything today a reminder of our history. Congratulations everyone!!! So much love and respect!!!! GO east 5th and Avenue C!!!!

Anonymous said...


Michael Duggan said...

The esteem of acknowledgment is payment for diligence Adela graciously supplied. Luis has honored the purposefulness his mother exemplified. Muy bien hecho.

Glamma said...

Now let's make sure Casa Adelaid protected! The neighborhood needs them. They are a rich cultural treasure. With the best chicken in town. WEPA!