Friday, September 23, 2022

Signage alert: Chomp Chomp Thai Kitchen on 1st Street

Updated: Chomp Chomp is open as of Sept. 28

Signage for Chomp Chomp Thai Kitchen went up yesterday at 78 E. First St. just east of First Avenue. (Thanks to the reader for the photo!

We're told that this is from the same owner as the previous occupant, Prim Thai Restaurant, which went dark early last year after an August 2020 debut. (Con Ed work forced them to temporarily close several times in the fall of 2020 — along with neighbor Cafe Himalaya.) 

We'll check back in on them later...


Anonymous said...

Prim was excellent and I was heartbroken to see them close, so this is good news!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember 100 years ago when Princess Pamela had closed door soul food seatings in this space? Or maybe it was right next door.