Friday, August 11, 2023

First sign of El Primo Red Tacos on Avenue A

Photos by Steven

Taco signage went up yesterday at 151 Avenue A between Ninth Street and 10th Street ... where the first NYC outpost of Miami-based pop-up hit El Primo Red Tacos is expected to open early next month. (Sept. 7, per Google.)

As the name suggests, El Primo specializes in "red tacos," which Eater Miami describes as "birria tacos dipped in a soup-like liquid that gives them a red glow." 

And more from Eater:
El Primo "focuses only on birria, a slow beef shoulder cooked in a “red” stew made with tomatoes and seasonings. The chefs then fill tacos with the beef, which also stains the tortilla giving them that red color, and then serves it with a side of broth made with the birria cooking liquid to dip the tacos in."

Reps for owner Frank Neri appeared before CB3 for a liquor license last August... there were concerns about full liquor here and the use of the backyard space. We're not sure where everyone eventually landed on this.

This north storefront at 151 Avenue A has been vacant since Mamani Pizza, a 99-cent slice joint, closed in June 2017. (Because someone will mention it: San Loco was in the south storefront at No. 151 until February 2014.) 



Anonymous said...

Wow signage up a year later. NY needs to pass these licenses and allow these restaurants and businesses to open sooner instead of just sitting around for months.

Anonymous said...

El Primo seems to have little concern for the neighborhood opposition to their backyard space. Not a good foot to start out on when those living around your business are opposed to it.

Anonymous said...

From what I remember they were trying to go around the community board and go directly to the state sla. That was part of the concern. Not sure what happened in the end. Residents around the new restaurant are more concerned about the use of the backyard space. It opens up into a back courtyard and all neighboring buildings face it from 9th and 10th street. This was never a commercial outdoor restaurant space before so sound and rats were a concern. Does anyone know if the backyard space was approved?

Anonymous said...

ok I’ll say it… San Loco!

Anonymous said...

Please go to and type in a search for 151 Avenue A there is a petition waiting for signatures.

Anonymous said...

Link to what is going on with el primo