Friday, August 11, 2023

Get a little of the old Essex Card Shop at the new Essex Card Shop

Top photo by Stacie Joy

Essex Card Shop, 47 Avenue A between Third Street and Fourth Street, recently unveiled some new merch in the form of an Essex Card Shop t-shirt ... in which owner Muhammad Aslam was happy to model for us.

The t-shirt ($24.99) features an illustration by Joel Holland showing the shop's signage when it was one block to the south at 39 Avenue A. (A local news site declared this "one of the neighborhood's greatest business signs.")

It's a quality t-shirt and an easy way to support the shop, which reopened last September after a devastating fire
And check out Joel Holland's book of classic NYC storefronts here.


Sarah said...

True hardcore Zizmorcore! Can't wait to get mine.

Anonymous said...

Any chance these will be available online?

Anonymous said...

hell yes! will wearing one make me as cool as him? going to find out!