Saturday, November 4, 2023

About Pumpkin Smash 2023 tomorrow (Sunday!)

Now that Halloween is over... the 2023 Pumpkin (and gourd!) Smash takes place tomorrow (Sunday!) from noon to 3 p.m. at La Plaza Cultural on the SW corner of Ninth Street and Avenue C. 

Via the EVG inbox ... 
This FREE family-friendly event demonstrates how composting is a closed-loop system — transforming our organic waste such as banana peels and apple cores, to a valuable soil amendment — all on a local level. 
Your pumpkins will be turned into finished compost which will then be used to rebuild soil in City parks and public green spaces. 

Come for the smashing, stay for the:
🎃 Worm bin exploration 
👻 Native seed ball making
🍎 Free food and drink
🆓 Giveaways

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Trixie said...

Like Mulchfest, for punkins!