Tuesday, January 30, 2024

East Village Loves NYC seeks a new commercial kitchen to help feed NYC’s food insecure

File photo by Stacie Joy 

East Village Loves NYC — the local volunteer group formed in the spring of 2020 to feed people in need during the pandemic — is looking for a commercial kitchen to use to continue their mission to help end food insecurity in New York.

Since June 2020, EV Loves NYC, now a 501c3 nonprofit organization, has prepared meals from the kitchen at the Sixth Street Community between Avenue B and Avenue C.

Here's more via an Instagram post:
The need for food and love in our city has only gotten greater and we're still operating out of a setup the size of a suburban home's kitchen. (Don't get us wrong: We are forever grateful to Sixth Street. They opened their doors to us and gave us keys, no questions asked, in June 2020 when we were just a small group of friends, not yet a not-for-profit org.) You are our best resource, as always. Can you think of any leads? Corporate kitchens? Kitchens in event spaces or church halls or arts venues? Anything?
You can find contact info on the EV Loves NYC website here... or DM them on Instagram.

In the spring of 2020, a handful of friends got together to prepare meals for neighbors. Early on, Ali Sahin, the owner of C&B Cafe on Seventh Street, donated his kitchen on Mondays for the group to cook its meals. By June 2020, they had outgrown the space and started assembling deliveries at the Sixth Street Community Center between Avenue B and Avenue C. 

Eventually, the group became known as East Village Loves NYC, with volunteers in the four digits. In their first year, the group cooked over 100,000 meals, not to mention donated 325,000 pounds of groceries and 7,000 pounds of pantry bags.


Simon E said...

Trinity Lower East Side Lutheran Parish 9th an B has a decent sided kitchen on its first floor.

Anonymous said...

Please donate to this wonderful organization.

Anonymous said...

Didn’t 50 ave A become a community use(for hire ) kitchen ? The old EAB cum citi bank storefront.