Friday, January 19, 2024

The Veselka documentary, narrated by David Duchovny, opens at the Village East on Feb. 23

"Veselka: The Rainbow on the Corner at the Center of the World," the documentary on the iconic Ukrainian diner on the corner of Second Avenue and Ninth Street, will have a theatrical release on Feb. 23. 

A description: 
New York City's beloved Ukrainian restaurant Veselka is best known for its borscht and varenyky, but it has become a beacon of hope for Ukraine. As the second-generation owner Tom Birchard reluctantly retires after 54 years, his son Jason faces the pressures of stepping into his father's shoes as the war in Ukraine impacts his family and staff. 
And the trailer...


The film, directed by Michael Fiore, is narrated by David Duchovny, who grew up nearby

Find tickets for the opening on Feb. 23 at the Village East by Angelika, Second Avenue and 12th Street, here.


Anonymous said...

Been eating at Veselka since '87 and always enjoyed talking with Jason. He's a real presence. I know when I'm there that it's simply for comfort. There's very few restaurants where I feel as comfortable as at Veselka. Their staff are always nice and some have served me for decades. If you beat the rush, it's best to sit outside.

MrNiceGuy said...

Wow, this looks inspirational! It is amazing what Veselka become to the community since the war started. I'm looking forward to seeing this doc!

Anonymous said...

Love Veselka but also enjoyed the long defunct Kiev on seventh street. Always wondered why they went out of business

Anonymous said...

From the NYT 10/29/00 for the Kiev question
The proprietor, Michael Hrynenko, who owns the building and other real estate in the area, did not return several calls. But friends and former associates say that Mr. Hrynenko lost interest in Kiev as he turned his attention to his real estate holdings and, in turn, lost patrons.

I've been going to Veselka since 1981—I still miss the screen door in the old back room... I still go, and not as often.