Sunday, June 2, 2024

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week include (with a photo from St. Mark's Place on Friday evening) ...

• St. George Church reopens a refurbished Streecha Ukrainian Kitchen on 7th Street (Friday

• Mount Sinai submits updated plan to close Beth Israel on July 12 (Wednesday

• Block Association asking for removal of the 32-foot tall 5G tower at 129 Avenue C (Thursday

• At the annual Loisaida Festival (Monday

• 37 1st Ave., once home to some East Village music history, is now rubble (Monday) • The East Village, full of bars, gets an anti bar (Thursday)

• Hit play 'Job' heads from the East Village's Connelly Theater to Broadway (Wednesday)

• Openings: Sunday Dreamin on 2nd Avenue (Thursday

• Soft openings: Sip + Co. on 9th Street (Tuesday)

• IHOP lops off its sidewalk dining shed (Thursday

• Dear Rufino has apparently moved on from 2nd Avenue (Thursday)

• Closings: Yakiniku West on 9th Street (Tuesday

• Reaching the top at the all-new 12-story building at 280 E. Houston St. (Tuesday

• A Williamsburg view of Manhattanhenge (Wednesday) ... and from Union Square (Tuesday

• Café Maud is the name of the new establishment in the former Dallas BBQ space (Wednesday

• Times Square-friendly business is now up and running on Union Square (Wednesday

• Budding Ninth Street sinkhole is now Citizen app famous (Tuesday)

Speaking of the Ninth Street sinkhole, it is showing some sedimentary layers. (This will be a great class field trip!) Thanks to Steven for the photo.    

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