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Monday, July 20, 2020

Mother of Pearl and Honey Bee's close to make way for a larger Amor y Amargo on Avenue A

Changes are afoot at 95 Avenue A, East Village restaurateur Ravi DeRossi's complex of eating and dining establishments in the corner space on Sixth Street.

No. 95 housed three businesses: Honey Bee's, Amor y Amargo and Mother of Pearl. However, according to materials on file with Community Board 3, the spaces will be converted to accommodate a larger Amor y Amargo.

DeRossi is on CB3's SLA virtual docket tonight for the following changes at No. 95:

• Honey Bee's, Amor y Amargo and Mother of Pearl Room (Cien Fuegos LLC), 95 Ave A (op/alt/change method of operation: change current concepts of Honeybee's, a vegan Texas barbeque whiskey bar, and Mother of Pearl, a vegan tiki bar, to Amor y Amargo, a bitters bar).

A rep for Derossi Global confirmed the restructuring, and confirmed that Mother of Pearl and Honey Bee's have closed.

The expanded Amor y Amargo operation will now also include a full food menu.

Amor y Amargo debuted in 2011 with just a handful of seats, and quickly became celebrated as the country's first bitters-based bar.

Mother of Pearl opened here in July 2015, replacing another DeRossi venture, Gin Palace. Honey Bee's opened in May 2019 in the space that was Cienfuegos for 10 years.

DeRossi is known for switching up concepts in his restaurants either after a successful run or more quickly if the space doesn't pan out. In this case, the DeRossi rep said that the restructuring was "in response to COVID-19 and the new world we’re entering."

And 95 Avenue A is not the only DeRossi restaurant on tonight's CB3 agenda: He's changing the menu at Night Music:

• Night Music (Derossi Asia LLC), 111 E 7th St (b/alt/change method of operation: from a vegan Indian restaurant to a vegan Mexican restaurant)

Night Music, on Seventh Street between Avenue A and First Avenue, opened last September.

At the beginning of the pandemic in NYC, Mother of Pearl distributed free school lunches during the week. DeRossi also distributed free vegan meals from Avant Garden on Seventh Street.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Cienfuegos bows out to make way for Honeybee's on Avenue A

As expected, Cienfuegos wrapped up its nine-plus-year run on the second floor at 95 Avenue A on New Year's Eve.

Back in November, owner Ravi DeRossi told me that it was time to change up concepts at the space. This spring, Honeybee's, specializing in plant-based Texas BBQ and bourbon and rye, will make its debut.

Like his other restaurants — LadyBird and Avant Garden, among them — the menu will be all vegan.

DeRossi told Eater that he's experimenting with a blend of mushrooms and other vegetables to create his own "meat" patties.

He says he wants to avoid “fake meat” products like seitan — instead honing in on vegetable dishes with barbecue flavors.

DeRossi brought on chef Amira Gharib to helm the kitchen. She’s spent time in fine-dining kitchens like Daniel Boulud’s Boulud Sud and Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Matador Room in Miami.

At Honeybee’s, drinks will center almost exclusively on whiskey, specifically rye and bourbon, a first for the cocktail bar owner. All-American craft beers will also be served, he says.

The corner space on Avenue A and Sixth Street also houses two other DeRossi operations — Mother of Pearl and Amor y Amargo.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Honeybee ready to read your past, present and future on Avenue A

[Photo from March 2014]

There's apparently a new psychic in town... in this exclusive report, workers this morning hoisted the new awning at 199 Avenue A between 12th Street and 13th Street...

As the sign shows, Honeybee is now doing readings here, which include the past, present and future...

Any thoughts on the punctuation in the sign? Readings By: Honeybee. As opposed to, say — Readings By Honeybee.

Anyway! This space went under renovation in March 2014, setting a local record with a two-day overhaul. (Read that post here.)

We'll check back later on the status of the guardian lions here...

[Photos from Saturday]