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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

And how was your blizzard?

It was apparently pretty awesome for this group of thrillseekers, who, during the overnight driving ban, took to the middle of First Avenue and St. Mark's Place for a game of Beer Pong.

Brandon Wenerd captured the scene on video ... and provided a report to BroBible...

A few Bros take shots on the portable table, a neighbor from a building on the block tells them to shut the hell up, and a emergency vehicles go by (they did nothing to prevent them from passing or anything dangerous). It ends in the way all good beer pong games end: With a slam dunk breaking the table.

The pong dunk happens around the 3:20 mark and right afterwards an ambulance drives down the avenue with its sirens on, causing the Bros to hilariously flee. The Bro leader is quick to call them all a bunch of “pussies” when they realize it was an ambulance, not NYPD.


Or if you just want the 6-second version...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today in subtle beer pong ads

Outside Amsterdam Billiards on 11th Street at Fourth Avenue.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quote of the day: "Beer pong is not the Lower East Side"

From a DNAinfo article by Patrick Hedlund on the proliferation of bars in areas other than Avenue A:

Just south of Avenue A, Ludlow Street on the Lower East Side counts 19 bars/restaurants on the three-block stretch between Houston and Delancey streets.

While many of these places have arrived without incident, a decidedly déclassé bar featuring drinking games doesn’t necessarily fit with everyone’s idea of a neighborhood pub.

A frat bar is not representative of this once-bohemian neighborhood,” said Community Board 3 District Manager Susan Stetzer, a longtime East Villager who counts the proliferation of bars as one of the board’s most pressing issues.

Beer pong is not the Lower East Side.”

Previously on EV Grieve:
Of the 147 storefronts on Avenue A, 70 of them are bars, restaurants or vacant

Photo by EV Grieve

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An opportunity to offer Aces & Eights constructive ideas to improve your quality of life in the neighborhood

Tom Michaelsen, the general manager of Aces & Eights on Avenue A, checks in with another comment. Anyone have any constructive comments?

Aces & Eights LES (the LES differentiates us from our other location, FYI) has helped raise enough money to build two wells in the town of Devki, India through an organization called 1Well.

Aces & Eights LES helped raise over $1200 for UNH (United Neighborhood Houses), which is an umbrella organization that presides over the Settlement Houses of New York, a number of which are in the Lower East Side.

Yes, beer pong, that much maligned representation of jockdom and fratholiness you all despise (possibly because you didn’t make the Varsity team in high school? Don't worry, neither did I.) helped make that happen.

Now I know it isn't much. I know we could do more, but I ask, where were you? What were you doing for your community while this "frathole" was giving back?

It is fairly easy to insult me and this establishment. However, I'd prefer to have a conversation. That is why I wrote what I wrote and why I am writing this. I'd love to get ideas from the community as to how we could improve your quality of life. If anybody has anything constructive to say, I would love to hear it. If you just want to insult me and the business keep it to yourself.

I will be at Aces & Eights tonight. It's trivia night. The beer pong tables are converted and people sit and answer questions for prizes. It starts at 9pm. It's good fun. You are all welcome to join. I'll even buy you your first drink if you mention EV Grieve. My name is Tom. I am the one wearing the green t-shirt that says "Douchebag" on it. Seriously.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Superdive Diaries, Part Two

Another EV Grieve reader bravely entered Superdive over the weekend and filed this rather random list of bulleted points via e-mail:

• First makout sessions by 8:30. A guy hard-core kissing a girl's neck like it was 1984 at 1:00 AM.

• Beer pong

• The manager(?) saying to me they were all reserved for the
next two weeks.

• You can get a Stella keg for $450.

• Seems to be a bar to relive college. Beer pong (except I never played this) and a lot of shots

• All drinks are in plastic cups

• Can i reserve a place for 10-15 people? with a keg?

• Hipster wannabee bartenders. friendly but there's arrogance like they're on the red carpet

Beer pong. Again, beer pong. Do I need to say more?

• I feared for my life when I walked out. I deserved to be beat up. I felt shame. Superdive has nothing to do with the east village.

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