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Friday, January 30, 2015

Reader report: Blowing fuses on East 13th Street this winter

[EVG file photo of 438 E. 13th St. from November 2012]

A resident shared the following with us ... about the situation for longtime residents at 438 E. 13th St. between Avenue A and First Avenue...

Rent-stabilized tenants in the building have had their electricity limited thanks to landlord Stone Street Properties. We don’t have the same wattage/volts as other apartments since November.

For example, one tenant has to turn off all his lights to microwave food. Another tenant’s lights kept going out when the fuses blew out on Thanksgiving. The solution? We must call or text our super to go down to the basement to reset the circuit breaker. The poor guy has to do this several times a day. One tenant has fainting spells and had her chin cut open a few weeks ago (from fainting in her bedroom), so having to walk around in a dark home has caused her anxiety. The same tenant can't use a space heater when it's cold out because the fuse blows.

Jared Kushner's Kushner Companies recently purchased the address here as part of a 16-building/$131.5 million portfolio.

Per the resident: "We're worried that this electricity issue won't be resolved until new management takes over. It has been tough to live with limited electricity."

Of course, the Kushner Companies have not been too popular around the East Village with the allegations and subsequent media reports of tenant harassment and quality-of-life issues brought on by gut renovations in their buildings.

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Life at 438 E. 13th St.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Last night's empty East Village streets

[The Bowery and East 3rd Street via EVG reader Rob]

[1st Avenue and East 6th Street via Goggla]

[Avenue B and East 3rd Street via Stacie Joy]

[East 6th Street via Vinny and O]

Frank Ape asks a sensible question

A Frank Ape sighting on East Ninth Street near Avenue B … photo by Bobby Williams

The snowmen are evolving in Tompkins Square Park

They're climbing trees now...

Thanks to EVG reader Daniel for the photos!

The snowmen are evolving at Veselka

They are apparently cooking now... spotted outside Veselka earlier today on Second Avenue at East Ninth Street...


Spotted this morning on St. Mark's Place between First Avenue and Second Avenue… photo by Derek Berg

And how was your blizzard?

It was apparently pretty awesome for this group of thrillseekers, who, during the overnight driving ban, took to the middle of First Avenue and St. Mark's Place for a game of Beer Pong.

Brandon Wenerd captured the scene on video ... and provided a report to BroBible...

A few Bros take shots on the portable table, a neighbor from a building on the block tells them to shut the hell up, and a emergency vehicles go by (they did nothing to prevent them from passing or anything dangerous). It ends in the way all good beer pong games end: With a slam dunk breaking the table.

The pong dunk happens around the 3:20 mark and right afterwards an ambulance drives down the avenue with its sirens on, causing the Bros to hilariously flee. The Bro leader is quick to call them all a bunch of “pussies” when they realize it was an ambulance, not NYPD.


Or if you just want the 6-second version...

Tonight's Community Board 3 meeting has been cancelled

It is true.

It will be rescheduled for either Thursday (1/29) or Monday (2/2). Please visit the CB3 website for updated information.

Monday, January 26, 2015

This morning's headlines this evening

Outside Gem Spa tonight via Derek Berg

Today, pretty much

Tompkins Square Park this afternoon via Bobby Williams

You won't be able to ride a Citi Bike tonight after 7 (legally, anyway)

They seem to have handled the pre-blizzard well...

[2nd Avenue earlier via Derek Berg]

Anyway you guys...

[Updated] An in-progess look at East Village bars (and a few other places) open tonight

[Randomly, earlier]

Well, someone asked us on Twitter.

Please add to the (not exhaustive) list in the comments... and we'll update, unless we go out. Confirmed so far:

Avenue A:
Common Ground
Flinder's Lane
Boulton & Watt
The Library

Avenue B:
The Roost
Dream Baby
Boxcar Lounge
Gruppo until 8 p.m.

Avenue C:
The Wayland
ABC Beer Co.
Edi & the Wolf
Summit Bar

First Avenue:
The International
Coal Yard
Three of Cups
Hearth (as long as the subways remain up and running)
Tile Bar
Spiegel (at East Second Street)

Second Avenue:
Professor Thom's
Lit Lounge

• William Barnacle Tavern between First Avenue and Second Avenue (live Irish music)
• Blue & Gold East Seventh Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue
• St. Mark's Ale House on St. Mark's Place between Second Avenue and Third Avenue
• The Grassroots on St. Mark's Place between Second Avenue and Third Avenue
• East Village Social on St. Mark's Place between Avenue A and First Avenue
• Lavagna on East Fifth Street near Avenue B
• Sophie's on East Fifth Street near Avenue A
• Josie's on East Sixth Street between Avenue A and Avenue B
• The Immigrant on East Ninth Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue
• Big Bar (until Dax needs to leave) East Seventh Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue
• La Palapa on St. Mark's Place between First Avenue and Second Avenue
• Jimmy's No. 43 on East Seventh Street between Second Avenue and Cooper Square
• In Vino on East Fourth Street between Avenue A and Avenue B
• Double Down on East 12th Street near Avenue A
• Solas on East Ninth Street between Second Avenue and Third Avenue
• Cake Shop on Ludlow Street
• Fourth Street Food Co-Op (until 9:30)
• Von, 3 Bleecker St. near the Bowery
• Parkside East Houston and Attorney
• Fontana's, 105 Eldridge
• Jeromes at Rivington F+B, 155 Rivington
• Pete's Tavern (a little outside the neighborhood... open until 11:30)

And remember — the Mayor says there won't be any food deliveries made after 11 p.m.!

Will the blizzard bring an end to the Great Wind Chimes Saga of East 7th St.?

One can hope and dream... (Also, not sure where the note writer is getting his or her wind velocity info...)

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A Wind Chimes of East 7th Street postscript

Getting started

Looking south this afternoon on Avenue A (above) and First Avenue ...

Photos by Peter Brownscombe

Mmmmm, icing; also, be careful

The scene on Second Avenue between East Fifth Street and East Fourth Street...

Photos by Derek Berg

A quick check on the pre-blizzard line outside Trader Joe's

EVG reader Bonnie (who is not shopping) sent this in just before 11 a.m. here on East 14th Street ...