Monday, January 26, 2015

[Updated] An in-progess look at East Village bars (and a few other places) open tonight

[Randomly, earlier]

Well, someone asked us on Twitter.

Please add to the (not exhaustive) list in the comments... and we'll update, unless we go out. Confirmed so far:

Avenue A:
Common Ground
Flinder's Lane
Boulton & Watt
The Library

Avenue B:
The Roost
Dream Baby
Boxcar Lounge
Gruppo until 8 p.m.

Avenue C:
The Wayland
ABC Beer Co.
Edi & the Wolf
Summit Bar

First Avenue:
The International
Coal Yard
Three of Cups
Hearth (as long as the subways remain up and running)
Tile Bar
Spiegel (at East Second Street)

Second Avenue:
Professor Thom's
Lit Lounge

• William Barnacle Tavern between First Avenue and Second Avenue (live Irish music)
• Blue & Gold East Seventh Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue
• St. Mark's Ale House on St. Mark's Place between Second Avenue and Third Avenue
• The Grassroots on St. Mark's Place between Second Avenue and Third Avenue
• East Village Social on St. Mark's Place between Avenue A and First Avenue
• Lavagna on East Fifth Street near Avenue B
• Sophie's on East Fifth Street near Avenue A
• Josie's on East Sixth Street between Avenue A and Avenue B
• The Immigrant on East Ninth Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue
• Big Bar (until Dax needs to leave) East Seventh Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue
• La Palapa on St. Mark's Place between First Avenue and Second Avenue
• Jimmy's No. 43 on East Seventh Street between Second Avenue and Cooper Square
• In Vino on East Fourth Street between Avenue A and Avenue B
• Double Down on East 12th Street near Avenue A
• Solas on East Ninth Street between Second Avenue and Third Avenue
• Cake Shop on Ludlow Street
• Fourth Street Food Co-Op (until 9:30)
• Von, 3 Bleecker St. near the Bowery
• Parkside East Houston and Attorney
• Fontana's, 105 Eldridge
• Jeromes at Rivington F+B, 155 Rivington
• Pete's Tavern (a little outside the neighborhood... open until 11:30)

And remember — the Mayor says there won't be any food deliveries made after 11 p.m.!


nygrump said...

In otherwords, drunks as usual - see y'all at the blizzard party

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Wine. Check.

Split pea soup on stove. Check.

Pork and cabbage for shredded pork and cabbage for dinner later. Apples and cheddar for dessert. Check.

Season 2 of House of Cards on Netflix. Check.

Have fun, all. We're staying in.

Anonymous said...

The Immigrant will be open too... Jason

DrBOP said...

Just a little shocked at your lack of fro-yo store openings category.....guess they'll just have to put it out on the windowsill and take their chances....


Il Presidente del Bart Ham said...

Via della Pace
48 e 7th street

Anonymous said...

Jeromes on Rivington

Ennuipoet said...

It is my firm belief that the Coal Yard and the International will be open at least six hours after the world ends.

/Almost came over for a few guys, but I chickened out!

amili said...

Also GG's on 5th Street and bibi Wine bar on 4th!

Anonymous said...

Being a little too familiar with the restaurant industry, it's pretty shitty these places are all staying open. There won't be any way for employees, and you know they feel pressured to work, to get home after 11 p.m.

Anonymous said...

Free food and drinks for employees who stay over. What's the problem?

glamma said...

Il posto accanto on 2nd bet a & b is open til 11 and its lovely in here :)

Anonymous said...

I know I would love to sleep in a bar or restaurant overnight! Just push a couple of chairs together and cover yourself in napkins. It couldn't be more comfortable!

Unknown said...

Planet Rose 219 Avenue A, btwn 13th & 14th

glamma said...

Russian turkish bathouse OPEN

Anonymous said...

Getting home at 6 a.m., somehow, in the freezing fucking cold? Or having to work straight through the night and do it all again the next day? Or maybe wanting to be home with your family who might need your help, or your kids who might need you since school is closed? But hey, no big deal, work all night, here's some free food for your trouble … it's no problem as long as 6:27 gets his booze unimpeded.

Anonymous said...

ooh Glamma please report back on how crowded it is. I'm a bit peeved that the last two Wednesdays I had off (Xmas Eve and NY Eve) were made co-ed, but I need my platza fix.

Anonymous said...

blue and gold open

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! The Immigrant is the best bar ever! Only beer and wine - so it draws a great crowd of mostly locals.

Anonymous said...

coopers on 2nd open and busy . just ate dinner

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Parkside Lounge- Open

I'm here. Now

Anonymous said...

Speaking of blizzard party does anyone has photos and video of last night's St. Mark's Place snowball fight outside BUA with opposition located across the street by Grif Dogs? Epic. Reached up to dozens of people.

Anonymous said...

Oh shut up you ninny (8:24pm.) Ever think some of these bar workers WANT and/or NEED to work? Not everyone is self-employed or can afford to take a day off from work like you.

I'm shocked McSorley's wasn't on that list which is a sad one because the only bar among them I've been to is Mona's, the last of the old guard of EV bars besides McSorley's.

Anonymous said...

McSorley's is the "the last of the old guard of EV bars" ?????? You take that back.... It only allowed women in 1970. Come on raise the bar!

Anonymous said...


And your point is? Ok, so it's been a bar which has had men and women fo 45 years. I'd say that's pretty "old guard" - more like "oldest guard."

That also makes them the EV bar which has had women in it the longest so NYAH!