Friday, January 30, 2015

Any East Village bars that WON'T be playing the Super Bowl on Sunday?

[Photo via our friends at The International]

Because people ask us this question this time of year. (And other times too, actually.)

TV-free neighborhood bars include:

Burp Castle, 41 E. Seventh St. between Second Avenue and Cooper Square
The International Bar, 120 1/2 First Avenue near East Seventh Street
Scratcher, 209 E. Fifth St. between Second Avenue and Cooper Square
Swift Hibernian Lounge, 34 E. Fourth St. between the Bowery and Lafayette
The Wayland, Avenue C at East Ninth Street

This is certainly not a comprehensive list. Feel free to name other TV-free neighborhood bars in the comments... (and Hookah bars don't count...)

And as the sign at The International shows, there is an anti-Super Bowl party there all-day Sunday.


The Wayland Team said...

The Wayland will be TV and Super bowl free on Sunday (as always).

nygrump said...

The STUPOR bowl! Let's watch millionaire felons give themselves concussions.

Anonymous said...

How to find intelligent men: go to a bar and chat up the one NOT staring at the screen. An Anti-Super Bowl Party will be full of them!! I used to throw one every year... my famous "Stupid Bowl Party".

Funny story illustrating the type of men I go for:
My ex was in a bar pretending to watch the game and noticed one of the teams was "SD". He observed to the man next to him that: "I didn't know South Dakota had a team!" And was told that it was San Diego :D

Anonymous said...

This may sound insane but you could just ... not go to a bar at all this Sunday

11:22 a.m. said...

So, it's the New England Revolution vs. Seattle Supersonics, right?

My prediction is the game will be won by a drop goal in 11 innings by the team who doesn't get a red card and would score during a 5-on-3 advantage and body checks the other team more.

Anonymous said...

coal yard doesn't have a TV

Anonymous said...

Nygrump, I'm glad your dog whistle still works. Wouldn't be the East Village without it.

EV Grieve said...

Coal Yard has 2 TVs... they're just never on.

Anonymous said...

amazing.. i've drank at coal yard maybe 200 times and never even noticed them. let's hope they stay off.

Anonymous said...

No big screens @ Bar Bar on 7th St! No small screens either!

Anonymous said...

That's Big Bar! Indeed a great spot to chill anytime.

Super Bowler said...

Super Bowl cartoon.