Friday, January 30, 2015

The ongoing needs of The Bowery Mission this winter

[Via Facebook]

An EVG reader writes:

The Bowery Mission has close to 200 people sleeping there — every space is being used. They served 1,000 meals [on Wednesday]. If you have cans or blankets you can spare please drop them off. With more snow and subzero wind chills imminent they need help. They operate 24/7/365. They fall off the radar after the holidays but this is when they need help.

As the Bowery Mission's Facebook page notes, the "additional overnight guests mean extra expenses for food, toiletries, and utilities."

Here's the link if you are interested in making a donation ... anything from cash, food to clothes.

The Bowery Mission, which has served homeless and hungry New Yorkers since 1879, is at 227 Bowery near Prince.


Anonymous said...

Thanks EVG, I mean to drop off items here at least once/month and then it falls off my radar.. Nice to have option to send them cash to use as needed most too.

Anonymous said...

i never knew it was like that inside. i have not had reason to go in, yet...


Anonymous said...

Donate money to help these good people serve the community.

Anonymous said...

At night the guys sleep one per bench. Then they fill in ALL the floor space. Then they go to the dining area and have guys sleep on the
floor there. They are about one foot apart. I've volunteered there. They literally keep people alive during the winter. When its super cold they can sit inside all day-as seen in the pic. After dinner they line up outside in subzero temps to get in and sleep on the floor. If t
you want a reality check about the tale of two cities volunteer here. I don't take my bed or shower or my studio apt for granted anymore. Met some nice smart people there too.

Anonymous said...

@12:40pm's comments are totally on point.

Thank you, EVGRIEVE, for keeping this in front of us. Have just donated online, thanks to your reminder.

Bowery Mission is doing literally life-saving work, and they deserve our support.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how much money and support Manitobas got verses the Bowery Mission. I know the bar easily and quickly raised the 25k they were looking for. I wonder how long it would take the Mission to raise that amount from the neighborhood. I know you got a gift from Manitoba- all the Bowery does is keep people alive and serve the neediest folks in the neighborhood. Thanks to all who help and donate. You are saving a life and helping people down the road to family reunification, sobriety, and returning to society as a productive person. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you EV Grieve for posting this article, and for reminding me that the littlest bit of sacrifice on the part of a "fortunate" person, can make a difference in another individuals daily life. I was inspired to do some closet cleaning, and my fiancée and I dropped off two full bags of winter coats and clothing on Saturday. The Mission was very grateful. So thank you again for the article and renewed sense of appreciation for all that we have. Good work!