Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuscan food specialist opening 1st U.S. outpost on 4th Avenue for some reason

[EVG file photo]

After nearly two and a half years since Dryden Gallery moved out, 129 Fourth Ave. is getting a new full-time tenant.

The Post reports that the first U.S. outpost of Mi Garba ("I like it" in Italian!) is opening here just south of East 13th Street.

And what will they sell?

The flagship 1,000 square-foot space, at 129 Fourth Ave., will include a restaurant with 10 tables. There will also be Tuscan food and wine for sale along with a boutique offering fashion items, including custom-made shirts and jackets.

The space was previously home to a pop-up gallery last May featuring model-photographer Amber Arbucci's breasts.

A Fresh & Co. is opening next door to the incoming Mi Garba on the southeast corner of Fourth Avenue and 13th Street.


Anonymous said...

Wine, food and t-shirts? This won't last long.

Anonymous said...

Really pandering to B&T Jersey folks. One stop shopping in the big city!

Anonymous said...

Yep...just like the store that took over the diner on University Place. And the tea shop that took over Silver Spurs. There are take away food stores galore and restaurants apace, but you can't get a grilled cheese or scrambled eggs between the Waverly (on 6th Av) and 2nd Av?

Why is it that NYC is losing its diners?

Anonymous said...

More food?? Sorry but mi no garba.