Monday, January 26, 2015

Interesting new business opening on East 14th Street

Yep. Signage has arrived at the former 99-Cent Discount Center on East 14th Street for a Domino's Pizza.


The space here just west of Avenue A will be adjacent to the new retail-residential complex that the developers said they are catering to millennials.

Thanks to the EVG reader on East 14th Street for the photo


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You know who I feel for (other than the dollar-store folks who were pushed out)? The dollar-slice store slightly to the west, next to the newsstand. They're kind and hardworking folks and now they have this big stupid threat hanging over their heads.

Muzzarella round the corner will be fine because there will always be people who actually care about, ya know, high-quality food.

dwg said...

More pizza? That's the best we can do? Lost the dollar store for another slice? Even millennials must want more than that.

Anonymous said...

I take offense at the use of the word pizza...dough, sauce, and cheese can be pizza or in the case of Domino's can just be a bastardized concoction of dough, sauce, and cheese.

Anonymous said...

Desert Aisle = Desert Isle