Friday, January 23, 2015

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning Edition

[Tompkins Square Park the other day via Derek Berg]

Manhattan Borough President: Gigi Li's leadership at CB3 wasn't biased (The Villager)

RIP Faith Seidenberg, the attorney who made McSorley's open to women (The New York Times)

Hey, Sheldon Silver was arrested (The New York Times)

Video of former art gallery space 2B, now home to a Duane Reade (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

A last look at SPURA before the mega Essex Crossing development (BoweryBoogie)

Rev. Billy suing the MTA (Runnin' Scared)

See some French classics from the 1930s-40s (Anthology Film Archives)

The condofication of University Place (The Real Deal)

Seward Park trench collapse (The Lo-Down)

50 years of historic preservation (Off the Grid)

When Lou Reed collaborated with Kiss (Dangerous Minds)

Billie Holiday's NYC (The Bowery Boys)

Allen Ginsberg sets the record straight about LSD (The Paris Review)

And in time for Valentine's — the Death Star necklace (BoingBoing)

... and EVG reader Karen Loew spotted a discarded holiday tree trying to escape from Manhattan at Stuyvesant Cove the other day...


Anonymous said...

That's not a holiday tree, it's a Christmas tree.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Grievey, change it to Christmas tree! There are no "holiday trees"...

Anonymous said...

Gigi Li, the chairperson of Community Board 3, did not demonstrate a pattern of failing to appoint black or Latino members to leadership positions on the board during her first year as chairperson.

Nevertheless, Li and the board’s leadership “failed to sufficiently emphasize the value of diversity and inclusion.”

I find it hard to believe that members of the East Village neighborhood would fail to emphasize the Hispanic and black communities in the area. *snert*

Anonymous said...

Glad that the career net tax consuming parasite Silver was arrested. Hopefully he'll get some
hard jail time. I could never figure out why anyone would vote for this lowlife. Oh, I forgot, this is Havana-on-the-Hudson, Union of Soviet Socialist Boros.

Peace through Anarchy


Giovanni said...

For the sake of consistency you should probably also change Billie Holliday to Billie Christmas.

5:17 p.m. said...

12:54 p.m. and 2:11 p.m.

See last half comments in this post.

Trixie said...

...discarded's got a nice ring to it.


What about the AirBnb / City Council meeting?! I know you're on their books. I've seen Chateau Grieve in their listings!!!