Monday, January 26, 2015

The buildings at 128-130 1st Avenue are for sale

There's a new listing for these two buildings just south of St. Mark's Place.

Here's how Halstead is listing 128-130 1st Avenue:

Two contiguous mixed-use buildings near St. Marks Place, featuring 52-feet of frontage on First Avenue. Approximately 12,000SF interior plus full-basement, with 5-Stories & 19 units, including 16 one-bedroom apartments (most have been renovated), & 3 commercial spaces: (1) a 42-seat Hawaiian Restaurant (soon to open), (2) a newly-opened Bakery, (3) a store that is delivered vacant.

Excellent investment opportunity, ideally located in the heart of Manhattan's hottest emerging neighborhood, with an impressive rent-roll that will increase substantially over the near future.

The price is $14.9 million.

As for those retail spaces.

So the former Mediterranean Grill will be a Hawaiian restaurant. Sweet Generation opened on Jan. 11 in the former First Avenue Pierogi and Deli space. And the wonderfully cluttered Rainbow Music is the third storefront. Based on the listing, the Birdman's shop won't be here much longer. (Last March we heard that the shop was going to be closing in the months ahead.)

The Kurowycky family owns the buildings here. Last July, the family decided to retire after running First Avenue Pierogi and Deli for the past 30 years.

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Anonymous said...

I felt sorry for them when they were closing the Pierogi store, now.... not so much. $14.9 mil, huh ?

Anonymous said...

Good for their children I hope they invest wisely.

Gojira said...

"... an impressive rent-roll that will increase substantially over the near future" - well, that don't bode well for the current tenants, or the tenants in surrounding buildings when the WOO crowd moves in. I'm with Anon. 9:06 on this one.

N said...

Really bummed to see this. I'm a tenant in one of the buildings and most likely won't be able to stay in the area if forced to leave because of the sale.

I'ma a native New Yorker and used to hang around St Mark's as a kid, always felt very lucky to live down here.

Anonymous said...

That cute little bakery, that replaced the pierogi place, wont last long, unless they are grandfathered.

ArtTric said...

"Excellent Investment Opportunity" is required for every non-residential listing.